2018 State of Aquatics Broadcast

Our 2018 State of Aquatics broadcast was meant to serve as a call to action. We have had 10 aquatic events at customers' pools since Memorial Day. Watch our broadcast below to learn more about the 3 trends we have identified so far this year. You will also see security footage of actual drownings. Our panelists this year were Michael Oostman, Aquatic Safety Consulting, Inc. and Tonya Roy, The Redwoods Group.

2018 State of Aquatics Broadcast


After reviewing all of the questions we received during the broadcast, we recognized that aquatics staff are looking for practical strategies and resources to implement at their organization. We have included resources for each of the three trends below.

Lifeguard Positioning

Lifeguard Positioning: Visibility is Everything
Aquatics Video: Aggressively Scanning
Aquatics Video: Effective Guard Rotations

Lack of Appreciation

The Power of One Group-Training DVD
Empowering Your Lifeguards
Sample Lifeguard Empowerment In-Service Training
Victim Recognition: Medical Events & Shallow-water Blackout
Aquatics Video: Singularly Focused

In-Service Training

Lifeguard In-Service Training Guide
Aquatic DROP Drills Comprehensive Guide
DROP Drill Instructional Video
Sample Victim Recognition In-service Training
Sample Lifeguard Rotation In-service Training
Sample Corrective Action Form

Additional Resources

Spot the Drowning Activity
Aquatics Video: Test. Mark. Protect
Aquatics Video: Test & Mark
Aquatics Video: Protect