How We Scale Change

Here’s how we use those resources to catalyze change across communities.

  1. Identify Changemaking Programs

    We start with The Redwoods Group’s expertise to identify programs that can change the world. We use the company's data on how drowning and child sexual abuse incidents happen to identify the most effective preventive solutions to scale. We also relied on Redwoods' experience with operating as a social enterprise to select a platform that can help more organizations operate more sustainably.

  2. Catalyze Collaboration

    We then convene a network of partners with complementary strengths who can help bring that change to scale. We start with The Redwoods Group’s customer networks of YMCAs, JCCs and camps, and connect them with other national leaders and subject matter experts, building powerful movements that can drive change.

  3. Move the Change to Scale

    As a backbone organization, we provide staffing and strategic leadership to each effort. Our staff lead these efforts, facilitate collaboration, measure progress and help the network operate cohesively and drive impact in each community. Together with our partners, we spread these changemaking programs across the country, so they can reach more people than ever before and create change at a level that matches the size of the problem.

What Is A Backbone Organization?

Backbone organizations build and support networks of changemakers, enabling them to have a much larger impact together than they could have working alone.

Individual non-profits do incredible work, but they cannot solve the massive social challenges they face by themselves. Backbone organizations focus on growing the impact of individual organizations to scale. We bring a network of non-profits together, and then provide the strategy, connectivity and urgency that enables that network of partners to work successfully toward a bigger shared goal.

The Redwoods Group Foundation brings organizations with complementary strengths together around our data about how to keep kids safe and expertise around social entrepreneurship. We provide staff to lead these collaborative initiatives, who do the strategic and behind the scenes work that enables the efforts to scale.

For more information on backbone organizations and collective impact, check out the following links:

The Redwoods Group Foundation provides backbone support for the National Alliance of Youth-Serving Organizations for Child Protection

The Group is a learning community of youth serving organizations with national reach focused on providing service to children. This group is committed to working together and with their communities to end child abuse. They share the vision for a world where every childhood is safeguarded from adverse experiences, and where the movement to protect children includes all youth serving organizations taking up responsibility to end child abuse.

The Group community currently focuses on preventing child abuse, with child sexual abuse prevention being an important early component of the work. Initial Focus areas for research, action and experimentation include YSO operations, community organizing and advocacy, and public policy.

The Redwoods Group provides backbone support to the YMCA Guardians Against Child Sexual Abuse

The YMCA Guardians Against Child Sexual Abuse are responsible for activating the power of the Y movement – and other youth serving organizations – to engage communities, improve internal operations, and advance policy and environmental change to protect children from sexual abuse.