Learn To Swim

Drowning is the 2nd Leading Cause of Death for Children Under 14

Drowning happens most often where we think it’s safe. Of all of the drowning injuries The Redwoods Group investigates, 75% happen to non-swimmers in shallow water, with a lifeguard present.

Learn to Swim Initiative

The Redwoods Group Foundation is working with YMCAs to eliminate this drowning risk by teaching all children in a community to swim. Swimming is a lifelong skill that not only helps children stay safe around water, but also helps them thrive outside of it.

The Power of School Partnerships

We’ve assessed learn to swim programs from across the country and learned that the best way to reach all of the kids in a community is to work through the schools, as they serve a broad cross-section of children and will benefit from the developmental benefits of learning to swim.

Active children score 40% higher on achievement tests and are 15% more likely to go to college than children not engaged in physical activities. Swimming helps them build confidence, overcome fear and break the generation-to-generation cycle of non-swimming that places non-swimming families, which are usually low income, minority ones, at a higher risk for drowning.

Apply for Funding

Use the links below to learn more and apply for the Redwoods Group Foundation Safety Grant to help support your commitment to aquatic safety. We award up to $1,000 for efforts such as providing swim lessons, life vests and aquatic equipment and other safety related initiatives.


Learn to Swim Best Practices Assessment

For more information, contact Robin Rennells, Director, at [email protected] or 919-462-7280.

[The World's Largest Swimming Lesson](http://www.wlsl.org/)

The World's Largest Swimming Lesson

Visit http://www.wlsl.org/ for more information.