The Redwoods Group’s Charitable Giving

The Redwoods Group is a for-benefit corporation that exists to Serve Others. We seek to share all of our resources with the community, in addition to supporting the work that The Redwoods Group Foundation, our non-profit platform, does to bring positive safety changes to scale. For more details on how we give, please review the information below:

How We Give
We think the greatest value we can provide is with our non-financial sources of capital. Learn about the human, knowledge, social and physical capital we make grants with, in addition to our financial capital.

Giving Areas
We focus on projects and programs that make people and programs safer. Specifically, we’re interested in aquatic safety, child sexual abuse prevention, transportation safety, employee safety and emergency preparedness. These focus areas come from years of experience and data that have helped us identify the best ways to promote safety.

Giving Guidelines
Look at this page for more information on how we evaluate applications and what restrictions and expectations we have in place for prospective grantees.

Grant Requests

To apply for services or financial grants from The Redwoods Group, please register your organization and complete the application form:

Online Grant Application

We currently have two grant programs available: our safety grant cycle and our 2017 Innovation Challenge. Requests for our safety grant cycle are reviewed twice each year. Our 2017 safety grant submission deadlines are:

  • February 28
  • October 16

Applications for our 2017 Innovation Challenge are available for review now and will open August 1. Applications are due September 22.

Contact Us

For questions about the grant application forms or process:
Robin Murchison Phone: 919.462.9723

Our mailing address is:
The Redwoods Group
2801 Slater Rd., Suite 220
Morrisville, NC 27560