Social Enterprise

Why is the Redwoods Group a B Corporation?

At Redwoods, we believe that business can, and must, be a powerful force for positive social change. As a part of the growing number of social enterprises, we live out that belief by using every aspect of our business to make a difference. Our insurance business is designed to save lives, strengthen child-serving non-profits and help communities heal. Our employees volunteer for 40 hours of paid time each year and our Foundation shares our intellectual, human, social, physical and financial capital to help non-profits make a bigger difference in their communities.

Social enterprises are organizations whose central purpose is to make a positive difference. All over the world, these organizations are reimagining the purpose of and possibilities for business by putting social impact at the center of it.

We’re proud to be a part of the growing movement of B Corporations, which commit to consider the impact of their business decisions on all stakeholders and complete a transparent assessment of their social and environmental impact to be certified. Being a B Corp helps us identify ways to increase our impact, differentiates us from other companies and connects us to other like-minded companies who can help our business succeed and our impact grow.

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