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We analyze data. We find patterns. We prevent harm.

Redwoods' Virtuous Cycle

Virtuous Cycle

Learning from your past is a smart practice. And claims are the past. In fact, think about how valuable the wealth of concentrated data on harm that insurance providers have is…think about all the claims, the investigations, the insights gleaned. However, it’s rarely used, and when it is, it’s used for internal purposes rather than shared with customers. Redwoods is different. Turning data into education, prevention tools and effective crisis management is the crux of our business model and our mission. We call it the Virtuous Cycle. By solely serving child-serving organizations, we receive 40,000+ incident reports each year. This means very specific safety guidance for your child-serving organization, and very specific crisis management. The best harm to heal from is the harm that never happens. But when it does, the best way to heal is with those who’ve become expert at managing the things no one wishes to be expert at.


The right education will help keep your staff and the people you serve safe.

Redwoods is intentional about education. In fact, we invest our money into it. We know the right education for your staff lays a foundation for mission-aligned behavior and a culture of safety.

The insights we glean from our wealth of data, our professional experiences and active engagements with outside safety experts are converted into educational content. We share this with you through multiple channels, from our credentialed Risk Managers to our Redwoods Institute.

Our Test. Mark. Protect. program and guidance is one way that we have used data to help show the dangers for non-swimmers in the pool:

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Is the Shallow End Safe for Non-Swimmers?


We continually provide the latest information to you – so you can prevent harm

Prevention is a behavior change, therefore, it’s hard

It begins with a mindshift – From “it won’t happen here” to the less popular “it very well could happen here.”

As a leader of a child-serving organization, you know that the easiest drowning/bullying/fall to heal from is the one that doesn’t happen. You get the value of prevention, but it’s hard to implement.

Behavior change is the toughest part of creating a culture of prevention. But as a mission-aligned partner, we’re here to help you do just that.

One example of our efforts to prevent harm is helping to identify and prevent the patterns of Child Sexual Abuse:

Recognize The Patterns of Child Sexual Abuse


Insurance for you means protection for your mission. Insurance for us means a business engine that enables our mission – to Serve Others®. Together, it means you’ll have a stable partner with your best interests at heart. One that has your back. The fact that we only serve child-serving organizations gives us a deep understanding of the exposures you have and allows us to perfectly blend your coverage with your mission. It also means that we truly get the fiduciary responsibilities and difficulties you face when running your non-profit. Stability in budgeting is important, as is the protection of people and mission and assets. See our coverages.

What makes Redwoods different?

We fit you like a glove

We’re not trying to fit you into a policy broadly made for another nonprofit. We’re providing tailor-fit coverage for your specific operation. Because of our narrow focus on child-serving organizations, we know your needs. And because of our mission, we won’t compromise on coverage or limits just to get to a lower price.

We’ve got your back

Our competitors manage portfolios and profits, not missions. If an account is losing them money, they can simply get rid of it. If you’re committed to your mission, we’ll work with you. Our clients have found that longer relationships with us create safer organizations. We see a decrease in claims when an organization partners with us for five years or more, so we further our mission and yours the longer we work together.

We love innovation

You’re always looking for new ways to serve your changing community. We like that. If you have a new or unconventional program, a special event or travel with board members or volunteers, we’ll work with you. When other insurers might consider it high risk or send you to a specialty provider who doesn’t know you, we’ll respond as your partner.


We are good at things that no one wants to be good at.

Crisis is transformational for anyone. But having a partner with the right heart combined with unmatched healing experience to navigate crises is irreplaceable. In the last two decades we’ve guided many of our customers through unimaginable events. Drownings. Accidental deaths. Tornadoes. Fires. Domestic violence. Child sexual abuse. Moments that alter lives and define communities.

Each time we arrive with empathy. We begin immediately working towards healing. For the victim. For the family. For the staff. For the community. For your mission.

Our Crisis Response Team is available 24/7. We will be by your side rapidly, helping you respond. Whatever may come, we’ll help you get through.

We work transparently and openly to reach a resolution. Returning your organization back to the important work of serving your community. And if we put that much pressure on ourselves to be there for you during crises, then you can be confident we handle the more routine incidents with equal commitment. Quite simply, from an injured member or employee to an inoperable portion of your facility, every harm can impact your mission. Knowing that is why we work so hard to Analyze, Educate, Prevent, Insure and Heal.