About Benchmark and Protect

Every youth-serving organization is different. And within that youth-serving organization, every branch, department and team member is different too.

So how do you ensure consistent, organization-wide safety practice when there is so much variation?

Benchmark and Protect is a new tool for tracking policies and practice. Created by Redwoods' consulting team, and developed in collaboration with a panel of youth-serving organizations of all sizes, Benchmark and Protect is specifically designed to provide an up-to-date picture of an organization's current safety practices at multiple levels:

  • CEOs and management can get an at-a-glance comparison of safety practices and protocols, allowing them to compare branches or departments against each other to ensure consistent practice
  • Program directors can see where their department is living up to best practice, and identify gaps which need to be addressed
  • The tool can be used to facilitate discussion and promote collaboration to ensure that consistent policies are applied across an entire organization
  • In addition to facilitating discussion within your organization, Benchmark and Protect also serves to promote conversations between an organization and their Redwoods Consultant, helping to close the gaps and provide guidance for next steps

Benchmark and Protect is based on an intuitive, 45-minute self-assessment which can be completed by Program Directors, Supervisors and other staff responsible for managing safety protocols. These surveys and the resulting data can be adapted to each organization's, branch's and/or department's specific needs, for example, eliminating aquatics questions if they are not relevant.

The data is not shared for insurance purposes, and will not have an impact on insurance coverage or pricing. The idea is to create a starting point for meaningful, practical discussions about safety practices—both where an organization is now, and where they would like to aim for in the future.

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