As a broker, do you feel a deeper connection with the nonprofits you serve?

You play a vital role in helping your clients find the right insurance partner. But have you considered whether the insurance partner you recommend is aligned with the mission of your client?

What if every dollar your client spent, even on its insurance coverage, was aligned with its mission?

The Redwoods Group operates an unconventional business model, one that is designed to use the power of insurance to serve the mission of YMCAs, Jewish Organizations and non-profit Camps. In fact, we are the only mission-aligned insurance partner for these great community- and character-building entities.

What kind of community could we build together?

If you're not familiar with us, About Us is a good place to quickly get a sense of who we are. And below, you will find more resources to help you learn about our offerings, submit an application, find your underwriter, or, if you're not a current Redwoods customer, request a quote.

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The Redwoods Approach to Underwriting

Insurance for you means protection for your mission. Insurance for us means a business engine that enables our mission – to Serve Others®. Together, it means you’ll have a stable partner with your best interests at heart. One that has your back.