The Redwoods Approach to Underwriting

It’s a balance of love and coverage.

Insurance for you means protection for your mission. Insurance for us means a business engine that enables our mission – to Serve Others™. Together, it means you’ll have a stable partner with your best interests at heart. One that has your back.

The fact that we only serve child-serving organizations gives us a deep understanding of the exposures you have and allows us to perfectly blend your coverage with your mission. It also means that we truly get the fiduciary responsibilities and difficulties you face when running your non-profit. Stability in budgeting is important, as is the protection of people and mission and assets.

What makes Redwoods different?

We fit you like a glove

We’re not trying to fit you into a policy broadly made for another nonprofit. We’re providing tailor-fit coverage for your specific operation. Because of our narrow focus on child-serving organizations, we know your needs. And because of our mission, we won’t compromise on coverage or limits just to get to a lower price.

We’ve got your back

Our competitors manage portfolios and profits, not missions. If an account is losing them money, they can simply get rid of it. If you’re committed to your mission, we’ll work with you. Our clients have found that longer relationships with us create safer organizations. We see a decrease in claims when an organization partners with us for five years or more, so we further our mission and yours the longer we work together.

We love innovation

You’re always looking for new ways to serve your changing community. We like that. If you have a new or unconventional program, a special event or travel with board members or volunteers, we’ll work with you. When other insurers might consider it high risk or send you to a specialty provider who doesn’t know you, we’ll respond as your partner.

A pricing model made for your mission

Our pricing is competitive. But more importantly, it’s sustainable—allowing you to focus on your mission, not on insurance market conditions.

Over time, your costs are based largely on factors you can influence—experience, behavior and commitment to safety.

In other words, we get to know you. We consider where you’re going more than where you’ve been. That’s because, if you go forward with us, your operation will be safer than it would have been without us. Safer operating behaviors will sustain your positive impact on society. And that’s everyone’s mission.

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