The Redwoods Approach to Claims

We are good at things that no one wants to be good at.

Crisis is transformational for anyone. But having a partner with the right heart combined with unmatched healing experience to navigate crises is irreplaceable. In the last two decades, we’ve guided many of our customers through unimaginable events. Drownings. Accidental deaths. Tornadoes. Fires. Domestic violence. Child sexual abuse. Moments that alter lives and define communities.

Each time we arrive with empathy. We begin immediately working towards healing. For the victim. For the family. For the staff. For the community. For your mission.

Our Crisis Response Team is available 24/7. We will be by your side rapidly, helping you respond, helping you get through. Below, hear from 6 CEOs on how we serve them…

Interviews with 6 YMCA Leaders about Partnership

Below, another CEO's story of managing through crisis…

“On the worst day of my professional career, I was glad Redwoods was my partner.”

  • Brian Schreiber, President and CEO of the JCC of Greater Pittsburgh

Read Brian's Testimonial

We work transparently to reach a resolution. Returning your organization back to the important work of serving your community. And if we put that much pressure on ourselves to be there for you during crises, then you can be confident we handle the more routine incidents with equal commitment. Quite simply, from an injured member or employee to an inoperable portion of your facility, every harm can impact your mission. Knowing that is why we work so hard to Analyze, Educate, Prevent, Insure and Heal.