Why It's Important to Report Immediately

Regardless of the severity of an event, it's important to report the event immediately. In minor events, submission via email or fax is sufficient. In more serious events – and after you call the proper local first responders – you should call our claims hotline immediately.

Rapid reporting to our Crisis Team means you'll have an experienced partner to help you navigate the chaos and begin the healing process.

It's also crucial that investigations begin rapidly, witness and staff accounts are gathered while memories are fresh, and proper interventions are delivered to victims, parents, staff, members/guests/campers and other community members to help make sure they have what they need to start the healing process. Or that contractors, engineers, forensic specialists, disaster recovery and other professionals are swiftly deployed to aid in property repair, to limit interruptions to your operations and mission.

During normal business hours (8:30am - 5pm EST), please call 800-463-8546 and ask the operator to direct you to the Regional Claims Team Leader who handles your state. If calling after hours/weekends/holidays, please call our EMERGENCY HOTLINE at 877-590-4678. Our fax number for reporting incidents is 800-478-6068, or email to [email protected].

“On the worst day of my professional career, I was glad Redwoods was my partner.”

  • Brian Schreiber, President and CEO of the JCC of Greater Pittsburgh

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