Why does the YMCA Habesham, Savannah , GA. do not have cameras on site?

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Posted by janice.rusty on June 23, 2015

On June 15, 2015, I registered my granddaughter to attend summer camp at the Habersham YMCA in Savannah, Ga. My purpose for choosing that YMCA because it appeared to be more diverse, and what it offered children, However, on the first day, my five year old granddaughter injured her knee. I was not called regarding her injury. She only spent half-day at the camp, in which I paid the full fee. The staff did not know what happened to her knee. However, on my granddaughter's second day was injuries over her left eye, another knee, and stomach. Again I was not called at work regarding her incidence. I asked my granddaughter what had happened, and she said another little girl had pushed her.

I was told that the teacher/student ratio was 1/7. To me, that is a small group to watch. However, I received different stories from the staff. That's why it is very important to have cameras installed. It was a disservice to my granddaughter and negligence.


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