Group-Format Trainings

The Power of One: 2017 Group Format Training

This training discusses how the actions and body language of those around us drives our inner dialogue and—at times—stops us from taking action. Redwoods staff then explore how this learning applies to the topics of supervision, aquatic safety and child sexual abuse prevention.

After the training, staff will know how their surroundings affect their decisions, they will look for social cues influencing their thought process and they will feel empowered to do something, even in times of uncertainty and pressure.

The video includes discussion exercises focused on five real-world incidents that happened at customer organizations.

The full training video is available to watch online. If you do not have internet access, we will mail you a copy of the DVD at no cost.

The Power of One: Chapter List

  1. The Power of One [05:35]
  2. Know [04:09]
  3. Supervision [02:08]
  4. Look [05:22]
  5. Aquatic Safety [02:14]
  6. Do [05:19]
  7. Child Sexual Abuse Prevention [02:00]
  8. The Power of You [01:14]

Total Runtime: [28:03]

Group Exercise Modules

  1. Supervision: The Importance of Being Engaged
  2. Policy: Complacency Trap
  3. Abuse Prevention: Identifying Red Flags
  4. Abuse Prevention: The Power of Speaking Up
  5. Aquatics: Safety at the Water

Camp Safety Training - Summer 2016

Building Leadership Skills in Counselors & Staff

“Our family, friends, school and society have told us—by word and example—how to be. But people begin to become leaders at that moment when they decide for themselves how to be.”
–Warren Bennis, On Becoming a Leader

Creating a culture of safety requires an understanding of leadership. Leadership is a journey. We don’t arrive at leadership. This training will help your staff to start that journey.

The full Camp Safety Training DVD is available to watch online. If your camp does not have internet access, you can request a copy of this video as a DVD.

Training Modules

  1. Understanding Your Role [4:09]
  2. Becoming a Leader [5:53]
  3. Supervising Campers [10:04]
  4. Protecting Campers in the Water [12:05]
  5. Preventing Child Sexual Abuse [11:20]
  6. Stopping Bullying and Peer Sex Abuse [10:43]
  7. Keeping “Me” Safe [5:30]
  8. Thank You and Credits [1:54]

Total Runtime: 61:38

2013 Camp Safety Training

This training DVD is only available online

Building Leaders of Consequence

“A ship is safe in the harbor, but that's not what ships were built to do.”
-William Shedd

Each summer, your campers leave their harbors to experience the transformational power of camp and will face some serious risks. The Redwoods Group Camp Safety Training is designed to help staff protect campers, prevent injuries, develop future leaders and fulfill your mission.

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Watch the full Camp Safety Training DVD online.

Facilitator Guide & Resources

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Training Modules

  1. Introduction - Leaders of Consequence
  2. Supervision
  3. Child Sexual Abuse Prevention
  4. Bullying
  5. Aquatics
  6. Transportation
  7. Playground
  8. Closing - Parents Are Trusting You