Hurricane Irma

On Tuesday, the National Hurricane Center upgraded Hurricane Irma's status to a Category 5 storm—making it the strongest hurricane ever measured in the Atlantic basin. It is still too early to determine exactly the path that this storm could take, but Florida is declaring a state of emergency, and landfall in the US seems extremely likely.

Coming fresh on the heels of Hurricane Harvey, it goes without saying that we are keeping everyone in the path of this storm in our thoughts. Included below are contact numbers—including cell phones—for our team members who are ready and available to help with anything you may need.

We would also like to take this opportunity to share several resources which may be useful to you in preparing for a hurricane:

Preparing for the Hurricane
Emergency Action Plan: Severe Weather
This action plan includes what to do before, during and after a hurricane.

Inspecting Before the Storm Hits
Hurricane Season is Here. Are you Prepared?
This article provides a bulleted list of actions to take to inspect for vulnerabilities and guard against damage before it occurs.

After the Hurricane: Recovery
A Checklist for Assessing Damage
Once a storm has passed, the situation can still be perilous. This checklist will help make sure that you and your teams stay safe while assessing storm damage.

Shelter-Based Care
Guidelines for providing care as a shelter after the storm

Please reach out to us with any needs, using the phone numbers below.

The Redwoods Group
Office: 800-463-8546
Emergency Hotline: 877-590-4678
Email Claims Reporting:
Fax Claims Reporting: 800-478-6068

Jody Bagwell, VP of Claims
Mobile: 919-219-0173

Steve Catrine, Senior Property Specialist
Mobile: 919-273-8843

Mac Kendall, Claims Operations Director
Mobile: 919-810-9995

Bill Strathmann, Claims Regional Director
Mobile: 412-448-6603

Kathi Forte, Claims Regional Director
Mobile: 919-561-8482

Fatima Dean, VP of Underwriting
Mobile: 919-793-6169

Mollie McBride, Underwriting Regional Director
Mobile: 919-744-9087

Queron Smith, Underwriting Regional Director
Mobile: 919-796-8295

Gareth Hedges, President
Mobile: 919-271-3862

Kevin Trapani, CEO
Mobile: 919-931-6316

Dan Norber, VP of Consulting
Mobile: 314-703-2808

Jason Grissom, Consulting Regional Director
Mobile: 919-656-2569

Tonya Roy, Consulting Regional Director
Mobile: 919-244-9901 

Greg Hall, Senior Consultant
Mobile: 919-482-1631

Sarah Pharr, Consultant
Mobile: 984-227-9154

Meredith Bunnel, Consultant
Mobile: 919-306-8120