The Redwoods Group’s Charitable Giving

The Redwoods Group is a for-benefit corporation that exists to Serve Others. We seek to share all of our resources with the community, in addition to supporting the work that The Redwoods Group Foundation, our non-profit platform, does to bring positive safety changes to scale. For more details on how we give, please review the information below:

How We Give
We think the greatest value we can provide is with our non-financial sources of capital. Learn about the human, knowledge, social and physical capital we make grants with, in addition to our financial capital.

Giving Areas
We focus on projects and programs that make people and programs safer. Specifically, we’re interested in aquatic safety, primary child sexual abuse prevention, employee safety and emergency preparedness. These focus areas come from years of experience and data that have helped us identify the best ways to promote safety.

Giving Guidelines
Look at this page for more information on how we evaluate applications and what restrictions and expectations we have in place for prospective grantees. Our safety grants are accepted on a rolling basis with notification issued approximately 60 days after application submission. Safety Grants are open to Boys & Girls Clubs, Jewish Community Centers, Camps and YMCAs. Nonprofits in the Triangle region of North Carolina may also apply. Applicant organizations do not have to be a Redwoods customer, and customer status will not be a factor in the decision making process.

Leadership Excellence in Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Awards

In 2012, the Australian Royal Commission was created to examine institutional responses to child sexual abuse. Five years later, after investing over 300 million dollars in the project, the Royal Commission presented a final report to the Governor-General. One of the products of the Commission was the identification of 10 Child Safe Standards that would make institutions safe for children. These standards are intended to work together, and serve as a benchmark against which institutions can assess their child safe capacity and set performance targets.

The Redwoods Group Foundation will make financial awards using the 10 Child Safe Standards as our guideposts—with a particular focus on principle number one (“child safety is embedded in institutional leadership, governance and culture”). We hope to learn about and encourage innovative and creative ways organizations across the country are protecting children from child sexual abuse—both within their walls and in the communities they serve. Awards will be given to youth serving organizations who exemplify excellence in leadership and innovation in practice around the critical topic of child sexual abuse prevention.

Award categories:
Top prize: $5,000 Champion of Children Award
Awarded to an organization who exemplifies superb leadership on child protection and is a shining example of an innovative culture of safety.

Excellence in Child Protection Awards: Four awards of $2,500 each
Awarded to organizations demonstrating innovative, consistent, effective deployment of measures to prevent and keep children safe from child sexual abuse.

The following are examples of practices that demonstrate baseline institutional leadership and child safe culture:

  • Organization publicly commits to child safety and leaders champion a child safe culture.
  • Child safety is a shared responsibility at all levels of the institution.
  • Child safety is contained in all staff and volunteer position descriptions.
  • Child protection training is offered several times throughout the year for staff and volunteers.
  • Board members participate yearly in a facilitated drill on appropriate response to historic allegations of abuse.
  • Signage and messaging in the facilities reflect the importance of a culture of safety.
  • Organization participates annually in the Five Days of Action.
  • Organization engages parents and community in child sexual abuse prevention training and events throughout the year.
  • Risk management strategies focus on preventing, identifying and mitigating risks to children.
  • Staff and volunteers comply with a code of conduct that sets clear behavioral standards towards children.
  • Leadership consistently begin staff meetings with child safety moments.

Winners will actively engage in the practices noted above, and demonstrate taking some of these practices to a higher level.

For example:

  • In addition to participating in the Five Days of Action on social media, the organization collaborates with key community leaders to create a video on the importance of child sexual abuse prevention.
  • The organization convenes and leads other youth serving organizations in collaborative efforts to promote child safety.
  • Back to school or camp kick off events include child sexual abuse prevention information and events for parents.

Boys & Girls Clubs, Jewish Community Centers, Non-Profit Resident Camps and YMCAs are eligible to apply. Applicant organizations do not have to be a Redwoods customer, and customer status will not be a factor in the decision making process. Winners are encouraged to use award funds to expand their culture of safety.

Application link:
Application dates: The application window is July 8-September 26, 2019

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