Risk Consulting

The easiest injury to heal from is the one that doesn’t happen. But it’s not easy to attain consistent prevention.

Prevention requires the behaviors of staff, members, guests, volunteers and lay persons to align with the best safety protocols. When this alignment doesn't occur, behavior change is required. And behavior change is tough. In fact, it's the toughest part of creating a culture of prevention. As your mission-aligned partner, we’re here to help you. We take the insights from our data and turn them into safety education, and then share the best practices and arm you with the best tools for prevention. And then we send you reminders throughout the year to help you keep prevention at the forefront for your organization.

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Find Your Risk Consultant

Each Redwoods customer is assigned a specific Redwoods Risk Consultant to work with your organization. Your Redwoods Risk Consultant is available to help develop safety procedures and protocols, assist in implementation, and review cases after a crisis. You can look up the contact information for your Redwoods Risk Consultant in this section.

Risk Consulting Services

As a customer you’ll receive several risk consulting benefits from our team of Redwoods Risk Consultants. In this section, find out what risk consulting services we can provide your organization.

The Redwoods Approach to Risk Consulting

It's about managing risk to your mission. Human risk. Property risk. Reputation risk. Financial risk. That's how we think about and approach our responsibilities as your mission-aligned partner. Learn more about our approach in this section.