The Redwoods Approach to Risk Consulting

It's about managing risk to your mission. Human risk. Property risk. Reputation risk. Financial risk. That's how we think about and approach our responsibilities as your mission-aligned partner.

Redwoods' Virtuous Cycle

Virtuous Cycle

Our customers all share key common elements: a mission to grow strong communities and programs that serve children and families. Too many children are needlessly harmed in our society. Collectively and collaboratively, we can change that. We can keep children and families safe from the extreme dangers of predators, life-altering injuries, unsafe transportation and deaths, and from more moderate dangers of minor injuries and interruptions of access to meaningful services, facilities and programs.

When you're at your best, you are strengthening communities. As a mission-aligned partner, we’re after the same goal. We exist to improve the communities we serve. And while perfection is ever elusive, it shouldn't stop our collective pursuit of it.

For us, risk consulting is an essential practice in the pursuit of harm prevention. It's based in our Virtuous Cycle, where we turn data into prevention. In our role, we receive more than 40,000 incident reports each year from customers just like you. We collect a lot of insights from this data. And we share those insights with you and your staff to help improve safety in your organization.

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