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Redwoods Risk Consultant

As a customer, you’ll be paired with a credentialed Redwoods Risk Consultant who knows your world. Count on them to help develop safety procedures and protocols, assist in implementation, and review cases after a crisis. They’ll provide perspective and speak truth, even when it's hard. And they'll always be a mission partner.

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Site Assessments

Your Redwoods Risk Consultant will visit your facility to conduct site assessments that help evaluate your protocols and practices, and address any gaps between the two.

Can’t wait for our next visit? Use our Self-Audit to do your own site assessment.

Crisis Response

When the unthinkable happens, our best folks are available 24/7 to help you through the worst events. We’ll help you respond to your stakeholders and your community. We’ll be by your side rapidly to provide experienced counsel. We'll also help you prepare and practice for crisis in advance. Start with the resources at the link below.

Crisis Response Resources

Risk Management Newsletters

We send regular risk management guidance and tools via our newsletter, Safety & Society. Content is timely and relevant. The email is easy to forward as great reminders for your staff and colleagues.

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Live Training

We offer in-person training for large groups and multi-organization groups. Our staff also lead workshops at conferences. Please contact your risk consultant to discuss

Online Training

We believe education is the key to prevention. As a Redwoods customer, we provide you with online training courses on topics such as child sexual abuse prevention, aquatic safety and bloodborne pathogens. Your staff can take unlimited online courses at no additional cost. And you can run reports to see who completed the training.

Learn more about The Redwoods Institute, and how we can help manage your employee training.


We host online webinars with a panel of experts from your world, including YMCA leaders, JCC executives and camp directors. We’ve also heard from authors, radio hosts and other industry professionals.

Our webinars can be found in Safety Resources, under their relevant safety area.


Our staff attend conferences regularly, often speaking in workshops and sessions. We’ve recorded a few of these sessions for you to watch.

Additionally, we’ve filmed and produced risk consulting videos to help you meet the best practice.

Find our videos under each Safety Topic.

Safety Resources Library & Tools

We have an extensive library of risk management guidance, forms and templates. This is your location for best safety practices related to your organization.