Aquatic Safety Online Training Courses

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Camp Safety Training: Aquatic Safety for Camp Counselors

Length: 20 min
Aquatic safety is everyone's responsibility. This training will teach non-lifeguard camp staff how to protect campers in the pool and natural bodies of water.

The Professional Lifeguard

Length: 30 min
Every year, we investigate 15-20 drowning incidents, with results ranging from overnight hospital stays to fatalities. At every one of these incidents, trained lifeguards were present. The Professional Lifeguard training helps guards understand their responsibilities and the practical application of their skills on the pool deck. Guards will understand the following key lifeguard attributes upon completion: rescue ready, positioned to protect, singularly focused, aggressively scanning and protecting everyone.

Shallow Water Blackout Prevention

Length: 10 min
Shallow water blackout is a term used to describe the loss of consciousness caused by decreased levels of carbon dioxide, created by hyperventilating and prolonged breath holding. This training explains the dangers of shallow water blackout and how to prevent it from happening in your aquatic facilities.

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