Aquatic Safety Quick Check for Jewish Orgs

  • Guard is identifiable: LIFEGUARD shirt, swimsuit, whistle & fanny pack
  • Rescue tube is in the guard’s hand, strap is around chest, slack is adequately controlled
  • Guard can see the entire area of responsibility, including the pool bottom
  • Guard is alert, actively scanning every 10 seconds with no other personal, conversational or work activity
  • Guard is positioned so any area of the pool can be reached in 10 seconds
  • Guard exhibits professional demeanor by posture, behavior, and attentiveness
  • Deck is well maintained and free of clutter
  • Safety line is in place separating the deep and shallow portions of the pool (except for end-to-end activities, i.e. lap swim, etc.)

Click Download to get the Aquatics Quick Check template.


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