State of Aquatics 2014

Recorded June 26, 2014

Our State of Aquatics 2014 webinar is a mid-summer check-in to review drowning incidents and trends, to provide best practice solutions, and to refocus on aquatic safety for the remainder of the summer. The goal is to empower all staff, not just lifeguards, and commit to creating a safe aquatics environment.


Aquatic Safety Training

Prior to the webinar, we invited all registrants to take The Professional Lifeguard online training and Shallow Water Blackout online training. We've made these two trainings available to everyone at no cost in advance of the webinar.

As a consulting or insurance customers, please login here:

Customer Login: YMCA Online Training | JCC Online Training | Camp Online Training

If you do not have a Redwoods account, please register for the online trainings here:

Non-Customer Registration: The Professional Lifeguard & Shallow Water Blackout


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