State of Aquatics 2015

Recorded June 18, 2015

Our world is changing at an exponential pace.

Today, cars can park themselves, homes can generate pollution-free electricity and we can get severe weather alerts delivered to our phones. And soon, nanobots could cure cancer, your watch could be diagnosing illnesses, and we might even colonize other planets to keep our species safe.

All of these changes have the power to save lives. But have we innovated enough in aquatic safety?

Join us as we challenge the aquatic safety status quo.



  • Gareth Hedges, Director of Consulting, The Redwoods Group
  • Michael Oostman, Consultant, Oostman Aquatic Safety Consulting
  • Mike Espino, Aquatic Safety and Risk Specialist, YMCA of the USA
  • Debbie Hesse, Executive Director, USA Swimming Foundation
  • Tina Dessart, Make A Splash Program Director, USA Swimming Foundation

We'll ask our panel, how do we move beyond incremental improvements, and how do we achieve truly cutting-edge aquatic safety?

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