Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Online Training Courses

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Appropriate Touch

Length: 15 min
Keeping children safe from child sexual abuse means only touching children in appropriate ways and teaching them about appropriate and inappropriate touch. Children who know which touches are appropriate or inappropriate are better able to protect themselves. This training will teach you how to appropriately interact with children and how to teach them about appropriate touch.

Camp Safety Training: Bullying Prevention at Camp

Length: 20 min
Bullying is a growing problem at camp that cannot be ignored. This course will teach you what bullying is, what the consequences could be, and how to identify, stop and prevent bullying.

Camp Safety Training: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention at Camp

Length: 20 min
Child sexual abuse is a risk at your camp. Protecting campers is one of your most important challenges this summer. This course will teach you how to identify red flags warning signs of abuse and methods to protect campers from peer-to-peer sexual abuse and adult-to-child sexual abuse.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

Length: 60 min
Sexual abuse is a tough subject that many of us would prefer not to think about, but it’s a frightening reality in today’s society. In this training, we will cover the difficult topics of peer-to-peer and adult-to-child sexual abuse in detail. We will teach you how to identify the warning signs of abuse and structure your programs around protecting children, so that you prevent abuse from happening at your organization.

Social Media & Technology

Length: 20 min
Most of people use Facebook for staying in touch and sharing photos, but social media can be used to create a private relationship or to bully someone. This training provides recommendations for all staff on how to use social media appropriately and why not to be “friends” with children in your programs. Topics in this training include: grooming for sexual abuse, cyberbullying, sexual harassment, damage to employee's reputation, damage to organization's reputation and violation of image rights.

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