Sample Social Media Policy


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At (Employer/Org.) we understand that the internet and social media platforms are constantly changing the way people connect, interact, and express themselves. While it is your right to use social media (Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc.), everything you post and share can be viewed by others and is a reflection of (Employer/Org.). To ensure that (Employer/Org.) remains an emotionally safe and supportive environment for all staff, members, volunteers and participants, the following policies are in place. Failure to comply with the policies listed below may result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment and/or legal recourse.

Everything is Public

Staff should keep in mind that whatever is published on their social media sites is public, regardless of privacy settings. The opportunity for followers to take screenshots makes even private accounts, or deleted posts susceptible to being shared publicly. Parents and members often search online for staff profiles, so be mindful of how your online presence may be perceived.

Staff Represent Us

All content included on a staff’s social media is a reflection of (Employer/Org.) and should align with the organization's policies and expectations, regardless of whether or not the employee identifies themselves as an (Employer/Org.) employee on their profile. Staff are personally responsible for all content that is shared on their social media, which includes posts made prior to employment.

Inappropriate Content

Examples of inappropriate content include (but are not limited to):

  • Photos/content that could be considered violent or threatening.
  • References to/photos of illegal use of alcohol, illegal drugs/illicit substances.
  • Photos/content that is sexually suggestive or revealing, or could be considered objectionable.
  • Photos/content that may be considered insulting, offensive, defamatory to individuals/organizations.
  • Participant/staff/guests' confidential or private information.
  • Any other content that is inconsistent with (Employer/Org.) policies, code of conduct, or mission statement.

Private Communication Prohibited

“Friending” or “following” children, engaging in private messaging, sharing of social media accounts, the exchange of cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses or mailing addresses are prohibited, whether initiated by the child or staff member. If a child “follows” you, you have an obligation to ask them to “unfollow” you. “Good intentions” and “harmless gestures” do not excuse private communication with underage children; as such actions can be misinterpreted.

Report Communication/Connections/Contact

If you already have an outside connection with a child within the organization, or a child tries to initiate an outside connection, report this to your supervisor immediately and discuss appropriate next steps, (e.g. block the request, parent communication, or privatizing account settings.)

Factual Content

Any posts that reference (Employer/Org.) or include a link to the organization’s website should reflect the organization in a positive light and include only accurate, public information. Obtain prior written approval before citing/referencing staff, participants, partners, or suppliers. Do not use social media to expose the organization's internal policies, programs, strategies, financials, products and etc. Staff must specify, when necessary, that any content they post is their own view/belief, and not the stance of (Employer/Org.).

Photo Use

Taking unauthorized photographs/videos of members or participants, guests, volunteers, or children is prohibited, regardless of whether or not staff choose to share those photos/videos to personal social media platforms. If pictures are needed for (Employer/Org.)’s website, flyers, social media etc., they are to be taken by designated/approved staff only, and must be accompanied by a signed photo release form to be kept on file.

If I have any further questions or need clarification on anything in this policy I will review with my supervisor before posting any content that I am unsure about. I have read and understand the above guidelines and I agree to their terms.


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