Maintaining a Safe Office Environment


Injuries are frequent occurrences in JCC facilities – because members get hurt in hallways, locker rooms, and gyms we diligently work to eliminate or at least reduce the number and severity of such events. Because the majority of employee injuries in most Ys involve lifting or walking, we conduct proper lifting clinics and caution staff to walk, not run, and to pay attention to floor conditions. We generally overlook, however, a site with many potential dangers that can cause severe injuries if not addressed – the office and individual workstations. Opportunities for injury to staff are numerous – ergonomic inadequacies, trip hazards, electrical exposures, storage practices, health issues, and more abound. Employees can and do injure themselves in an amazing variety of ways involving routine tasks or common fixtures. Some of the potential causes of office injury are identified below accompanied by guidelines for mitigating these loss potentials.

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