Emergency Action Plan… Earthquake


Accurate predictions of the time and place of an earthquake are not yet possible. The earthquake may range in intensity from a slight tremor to great shocks and may last from a few seconds to as much as five minutes, but the warning you get will probably be the rattling of the windows.

Immediate Action:

  • Remain Calm. By staying calm yourself, you will be better able to assess damage and assist others.
  • Take Cover.
    • If you are inside a building:
      • stay there;
      • move under a sturdy table, desk, or bed and stay there;
      • brace yourself in an inside corner, or doorway;
      • stay away from windows;
      • protect your head and face with any available material.
    • If you are outdoors:
      • stay there;
      • move away from tall buildings, structures, and trees;
      • stay away from fallen power lines, as they may appear to be “dead” but may suddenly re-energize as automatic restoration of power is attempted;
      • proceed if possible to an open area.
      • Do not lift or raise any power lines
    • If you are in a vehicle:
      • pull over and stop;
      • remain clear of overpasses, tall buildings, structures, and trees;
      • make certain your seat belt is fastened;
      • stay in your vehicle, as it will provide some protection from falling and flying debris.

After the Earthquake:

  • Do not rush outdoors. Many people are injured in this way when struck by falling debris.
  • Do not use the elevator, and warn others not to use it, because a power outage may occur after the quake has stopped in your immediate area.
  • Check for injuries or people who are trapped.
  • Follow emergency medical procedures.
  • Follow the Emergency Action Procedures for building evacuation.
  • Assist individuals in leaving the building if it is safe to leave.

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