Emergency Action Plans… Medical Emergency


Medical emergencies can arise from many sources. A guest may be injured while participating in a group activity, while exercising alone, or while simply walking down the hall. They may become ill or suffer from a seizure or cardiac problems completely unrelated to any activity at the Y. In many of these situations, the affected party is unable to determine what they should do to care for them or even to determine whether or not they need medical assistance. Do not lose valuable time. Take the initiative and obtain proper medical care. As soon as is practical after the individual’s medical needs have been attended, complete an incident report to document the known facts of the event.

If a member or guest requests a physician (in general or a specific one):

  • Try to determine if the problem is illness or injury (to see if first aid is required).
  • Connect the guest with the doctor's office. Do not just give the guest the phone number! Place the call and connect the guest yourself.
  • If necessary, arrange transport to the doctor’s office (either by friend, family member, or ambulance if time is critical).
  • Notify the executive director (or whoever is in charge) so that he/she can personally check on the comfort and safety of the guest.

If a member or guest is apparently or clearly ill and unable to function:

  • If applicable, render first aid (but in so doing, do not delay in performing step 2).
    • Arrange transport for the individual to the nearest emergency room.
  • Stay in contact with the hospital to determine the status of the individual.
    • If the individual is released, the executive director (or a designated individual) should personally check on the individual's condition and comfort.
    • If the guest is admitted to the hospital:
      • Contact the individual's next of kin or employer; if he/she is not a member, or if the information is missing from your files, the local police can assist.
      • Conduct a witnessed inventory of any personal effects left on the Y’s premises that were not locked in a locker.
      • Store these items in a secure location until they are claimed by the individual or family member. Obtain a signed release receipt for them when they are claimed.

If a member or guest is injured:

  • Render first aid as necessary
  • Arrange transportation to the nearest appropriate medical facility (doctor's office or hospital emergency room, depending on the nature and severity of the injury) if necessary.
  • If the individual is transported, follow the 3rd point (and all its sub points) of the above procedure a hospitalized ill individual.
  • NOTE: except for the immediate rendering of first aid all contact with the individual (or friends or observers) should be made ONLY by a member of the management staff.


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