Indoor Floor Maintenance



Keeping your facilities clean is a priority in order to satisfy both your standards as well as those of your guests. Patrons and employees come to your organization expecting a safe environment within which to work and enjoy all that the organization has to offer. One of the most common injuries that happen to staff as well as customers is slipping while walking in public, well-trafficked areas such as the hallways of the facility. Laminate, linoleum, and tile flooring are types of floors that are commonly used in facilities such as yours. It is a challenge to find a balance between keeping a floor smooth without creating a slippery surface upon which accidents are likely. Proper selection of the type of floors in your facility as well as appropriate maintenance of that floor can greatly reduce the incidence of slips around the building.

Flooring Material

While the appearance of a facility is important, safety of the customers and employees takes precedence. It is important to choose a type of floor for your facility that is smooth but not slippery. When selecting flooring, ensure that your choice has a static coefficient of friction greater than 0.5. This is the measure with which the amount of friction on a surface can be determined. The more friction there is between the floor and shoe, the less likelihood that slipping will occur.

Floor Maintenance

If your facility already has appropriate flooring, there are precautions you may take while maintaining the floors to reduce the likelihood of slipping.

  • Apply a nonslip wax
  • Re-finish the floors with a special non-slip treatment
  • Lay down rubber mats in high-risk areas such as near doorways and on ramps
    • Ideally, these mats have a textured surface and non-slip backing to ensure that they stay in place and don’t generate an increased hazard
  • Precautions when buffing floors:
    • High-speed buffing should not be used with many conventional floor waxes
    • If your facility uses a high-speed buffer to wax the floors, ensure that the instructions on your type of wax approves doing so

Slipping on floors is an easily avoidable accident that can be prevented in many ways. These include proper footwear, clean up of damp areas during inclement weather, and more. Unfortunately, even when most precautions are taken slips still occur. Your organization can likely reduce the incidence of these inopportune accidents by checking that you have an appropriate type of floor and subsequently maintaining it properly.


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