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Shower Seat

Does your facility have shower seats installed or placed in the shower stalls for the enhancement of your members? This is a wonderful member service for the benefit of members to make their experience more enjoyable. These shower seats are either freestanding or attach to the walls in the shower areas and a few examples are below:
The use of these seats does have limitations, and if they are not placed or installed correctly, they may pose a significant safety risk to the user. Having a member injured while using your facility on a device that is suppose to provide them with convenience when in the facility results in a poor customer experience. Some of the safety issues involve; pinch points on the folding chairs, and collapse from the excessive wear and tear or excessive weight on the chairs.

There are some measures you can take to reduce the likelihood of a seat collapsing while in use at your facility. The following precautions should be taken:

  1. Place a sign on the wall in each shower stall where you have a shower seat with the weight limit. “This seat is designed for persons up to XXX lbs weight”. This sign should be affixed to the wall near the seat or directly over the folding seat.
    If you have individual shower stalls in the facility, a sign should be posted in each shower stall.

  2. Inspect the seats annually or more often to determine if there are signs of rust, corrosion, or wear and tear. Repair or replace as necessary. Items to check include:
    a. Hinges where attached the wall and under the seat
    b. Screws where the seat may be attached to panels for wooden seats or under the seats
    c. Broken or damaged seat panels should be removed from service

  3. Most seats generally have a 2-5 year warranty depending upon the make/model of the chair. Create a policy to replace these seats in your facility as needed.

  4. Freestanding shower seats should be equipped with rubber feet on the legs, as shown in the picture above. General wear and tear from moving the seats will wear out the rubber feet on the seats. These should be checked and replaced as needed or have the seat removed from service.

  5. Installation of new wall mounted seats should be installed directly into studs, not just into tile.

Preventive care makes for a more enjoyable experience for your members and guests using the facility.


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