Crisis Communication Plan Outline


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Why a Crisis Communications Plan?

In today’s society, for any organization serving thousands of people, preparation for emergencies and for emergency communications is essential. As we guard the lives and well being of our members and guests, we also protect the reputation of the organization. In the first minutes and hours of a crisis, that reputation—and the conduct of the staff and managers—will go through a swift re- assessment in the eyes of members, participants, parents, other staff, volunteers and the general public. And perception of an organization’s response to a crisis, as it plays out in the media, may in the long run create a greater impression on local government and the public than does the actual response itself.

Goals of communications in crisis situations

Goals of communications in crisis situations The goals of good communication with the media and other audiences are to:

  • Show compassion and understanding
  • Accurately reflect your YMCA’s actions
  • Position the Y as a good citizen and responsive and credible source of information
  • Report and interpret the crisis; put damaging information or charges in perspective
  • Maintain contact with priority audiences
  • Achieve quick resolution
  • Gain knowledge for future prevention strategies

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