A Call to Action Webinar and Q&A

Recorded Oct. 9, 2014

In light of too many recent, tragic and preventable incidents, we are taking a long hard look at our work. We are exploring where we could do even more. We are asking ourselves: How can WE be better?

On September 17th, a 24-year-old man was found on the bottom of a pool. He was unconscious from extended breath holding. The following day, he died in the hospital.

On June 30th, a 9-year-old girl fell 30 feet from the top of a climbing tower when her harness came undone. She fractured her back and ankles.

On May 23rd, a 2-year-old boy stuck his hand between the door jam. Moments later, the child care director closed the door, cutting his fingers.

Everyone is invited to join our discussion as we look at ourselves, our movements, our partners and our initiatives. And please bring your own thoughts and ideas on how Redwoods Consulting can better support you in developing and sustaining a culture of safety.

You'll preview our new tactics to improve safety and new tools available to your organization. You'll see how Redwoods Consulting is evolving the use of data and the new approaches and methodologies we are employing. And you'll leave empowered to make your operations, our movements, our communities and our initiatives better. We must expect more from ourselves and each other.

Because we need to learn from each other, you'll also have opportunities to ask questions and offer ideas on how we can all step up and be better.

  • What does it mean to be better?
  • What do you need from us to improve your organization?
  • How can we all work to ensure that we are doing all we can to protect the communities we serve?

Webinar Panel

Kevin Trapani | President & CEO
Doug Page | SVP Risk Consulting
Gareth Hedges | General Counsel
Dan Moore | Chief Marketing Office
Katie Finazzo | Consulting Team Lead


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