Wildland Fire Protection – Barricade-Gel


Wildland/urban interface fires are a major concern to facilities or camps located where they are subject to any combination of dry conditions, high winds, and abundant fuel load. Those in remote locations or having limited, winding, or narrow access roads have even more reason for concern. A wildfire can race through an area faster than firefighters can battle it, perhaps even before they can arrive, quickly endangering the facility and the lives of those present. Wildfires have shown that they can completely raze a site and leave it a smoking wasteland, but they are very unpredictable. In October 2003 the fires that raged through Southern California spared San Diego’s Camp Marstan, burning up to, around, and past it but doing no significant damage to the camp. Sadly, in late spring the previous year two separate fires less than three weeks apart landed a one-two punch on Pike’s Peaks’ Camp Shady Brook that nearly devastated it (though it is now restored and fully functional).

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