Child Sexual Abuse Prevention for Volunteers

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Title: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention for Volunteers (RW78)
Length: 15 minutes
Category: Sexual Abuse Prevention
Audience: Program Volunteers

The volunteers that work for your organization are often the first and last line of defense for the children in their care—and it is their responsibility to create environments and enforce behaviors that keep kids safe from harm.

After completing this training, your volunteers will be able to:

  • Recognize common myths and misconceptions about child sexual abuse—and feel empowered to discuss its realities
  • Understand the four key rules for keeping kids safe from child sexual abuse
  • Explain why adhering to these rules is crucial in youth-serving organizations
  • Apply strategies and build the confidence necessary to report rule-breaking and suspicious behavior

Our hope is that this training will prepare your volunteers for the important duty of protecting the children in their care. And to ensure that they are not only aware of the rules—but are also ready to report fellow staff members, volunteers or patrons who do not adhere to them.

4 rules to prevent child sexual abuse:

  1. No Inappropriate Touch
  2. No Alone Time
  3. No Favoritism
  4. No Outside Contact

This training is a shorter version of our full-length Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention for Volunteers: Introduction