Camp Safety Training: Aquatic Safety for Camp Staff

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Title: Aquatic Safety for Camp Staff (RW38)
Length: 20 minutes
Category: Camp Safety / Aquatic Safety
Audience: All Camp Staff and Volunteers

Key Features

20 Minute Training

The training covers all of the essentials of aquatic safety at camp in less than 20 minutes.

CST Aquatics

Redwoods Data and National Data

Important statistics from national data and incidents reported to The Redwoods Group is presented.

CST Aquatics

For Staff, Counselors and Volunteers (Everyone)

Aquatic safety is everyone's responsibility. This training is targeted at all camp staff, counselors and volunteers.

CST Aquatics

Gareth Hedges, Redwoods Aquatic Safety Specialist

Our aquatic safety specialist, Gareth Hedges, leads users through this training.

CST Aquatics

Surveillance Footage

Surveillance footage taken from a drowning is used as a learning tool to understand how quickly a child can drown.

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