Camp Safety Training: Bullying Prevention at Camp

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Title: Bullying Prevention at Camp (RW46)
Length: 20 minutes
Category: Camp Safety
Audience: All Camp Staff and Volunteers

Key Features

20 Minute Training

This short training allows your counselors and staff to understand the dynamics of bullying at camp in just 20 minutes or less.



Bullying can sometimes be hard to define. We give clear explanations for bullying and how to identify it.


Bullying Data & Trends

Camp-Specific data, collected by Dr. Joel Haber in his book “Bullyproof Your Child for Life”, is presented in this training.


Tonya Roy

Tonya, a Redwoods Risk Consultant and former YMCA director, leads staff through this training, sharing some of her own insights and experiences.


Social Hierarchy

Staff will understand the social hierarchy that exists at camp.