Camp Safety Training: Day Camp Supervision

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Title: Day Camp Supervision (RW48)
Length: 20 minutes
Category: Camp Safety
Audience: All Camp Staff and Volunteers

Learning Objectives

  • To understand your influence and responsibility as a day camp counselor
  • To understand unique risks in the day camp environment, such as:
    • Transition Times
    • Downtime
  • To understand challenges you'll face at day camp, and how to overcome them, such as:
    • Low staff:camper ratio
    • Temporary disruptions, such as bad weather
  • To understand the proper balance between supervision and engagement, and how to protect yourself
  • To understand what is expected of you as a day camp counselor, from parents and from your director

Course features

15 Minute Course

This course is 15 minutes long and reviews the best supervision practices for Day Camp counselors.

Day Camp

Day Camp Guidance

Guidance and recommendations are specific to Day Camp exposures and risks.

Day Camp

Day Camp Stories

In this training, we tell real Day Camp stories of accidents, injuries and successes.

Day Camp