Mini-Training: Camp Safety Series

The way people learn is changing.

Our challenge is to engage staff in learning, instead of teaching them to pass a test.

Our mini-training series delivers one short training video directly to your staff each week. The videos are engaging and teach one safety practice. Each video is less than 2 minutes long, serving as a quick reminder.

Because learning is a process, not a one-time event, this keeps staff up-to-date on safety best practices.

  • Short: Each mini-training is based around a short video (about 1 - 2 minutes), is sent directly to staff's inbox and can be watched on a computer, phone or tablet.
  • Focused: A one-question quiz aims to drive home the learning, emphasizing the key take-away from each training.
  • Trackable: Our system allows you to track who watched the video and completed the quiz, and how they performed.

How It Works

  1. The system sends one email per week that includes a link to the mini-training. (See example.)
  2. The staff will click a link in their email (no login required) and watch the video. When the video ends, the quiz automatically pops up.
  3. Quiz results are tracked back to the system to be documented and reported.

Enroll Your Staff

This program is available to Redwoods insurance customers at no additional cost.

  1. Login to The Redwoods Institute
  2. Click on the Admin tab (Request Admin Access)
  3. Choose “User Profile Admin”
  4. Choose “Assign Courses”
  5. Click on the folder to the left of your organization name
  6. Select employees to be assigned this training in the left box (hold shift to select multiple users)
  7. Select the camp series in the right box, called “BOOST: -Camp Safety Series”
  8. Other fields below (e.g. Initial Due Date, etc.) are not applicable to this training program.
  9. Emails will be sent to staff at 12:00 midnight Eastern time on the day they are enrolled.

For more detailed instruction, please download our guide.

Live Support Sessions

Request a live demo of this program.

Series Topics

Camp Safety Series A

Credit Hours: .25 hours (15 min)
Series Length: 10:47

Week 1: Appropriate Touch
Length: 01:45
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Week 2: Properly Fitting Lifejackets
Length: 01:54

Week 3: Challenge by Choice (Climbing)
Length: 01:20

Week 4: Staying Hydrated
Length: 00:56

Week 5: Golf Cart Safety
Length: 01:53

Week 6: Target Sports Safety
Length: 01:57

Week 7: The Aquatics Buddy System
Length: 01:02

Camp Safety Series B

Credit Hours: .25 hours (15 min)
Series Length: 9:00

Week 1: Engaging Children That Choose Not to Swim
Length: 00:59
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Week 2: Athletic Field Inspections
Length: 00:47

Week 3: Addressing Inappropriate Touch
Length: 01:06

Week 4: Playground Inspections
Length: 01:18

Week 5: Campers and Counselors Missing Home
Length: 02:18

Week 6: Scanning at the Waterfront
Length: 01:41

Week 7: Where is Your First Aid & AED?
Length: 00:51

Camp Safety Series C

Credit Hours: .25 hours (15 min)
Series Length: 8:45

Week 1: Preventing Soccer Goal Tip-Overs
Length: 01:25

Week 2: Blindspots on the Playground
Length: 00:53
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Week 3: General Safety at the Waterfront
Length: 02:02
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Week 4: Appropriate Touch: Toddlers
Length: 00:43

Week 5: Are Non-Swimmers Still Wearing Their Lifejackets?
Length: 01:01

Week 6: Protection from the Sun
Length: 01:28

Week 7: Are Your Cubbies Bolted?
Length: 01:13

Preview: General Safety at the Waterfront

Preview: Engaging Children That Choose Not to Swim

Preview: Blindspots on the Playground

Preview: Appropriate Touch