The Professional Lifeguard

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Title: The Professional Lifeguard (RW52)
Length: 30 minutes
Category: Aquatic Safety
Audience: All Lifeguards and Aquatic Staff

Are Your Lifeguards Rescue Ready?

Every year, we investigate 15-20 drowning incidents, with results ranging from overnight hospital stays to fatalities. At every one of these incidents, trained lifeguards were present. In the aftermath of these incidents, lifeguards never said, we trained too much. It was often the real world practice that they were missing.

The Professional Lifeguard training helps guards understand their responsibilities and the practical application of their skills on the pool deck. The training is aimed at closing the gap between what's taught in the lifeguard certification class and how those lessons are applied on the pool deck.

Training Features

30-Minute Training

  • Training takes about 30 minutes to complete
  • Users are awarded a certificate of completion after finishing the training and passing the final test

The Professional Lifeguard

Led by Aquatic Experts

Aquatic Experts

Pool Surveillance Video Footage

  • Footage from real drowning incidents to show what a drowning actually looks like

Surveillance Video

Video Demonstrations

  • Video demonstrations to show guards exactly what they should be doing

Video Demonstrations

Real Problems and Real Solutions

  • Photos of real pools and solutions on how to fix the problem identified

Real Examples

Instructional Guidance

  • Detailed instructions on professional lifeguard best practices


Code of Conduct

  • Written Code lifeguard must understand and accept


Knowledge Retention Tests

  • Section quizzes and a final test to verify knowledge retention