Risk Management 101

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Title: Risk Management 101 (RW56)
Length: 20 minutes
Category: General Safety
Audience: New Staff and Volunteers

A Focus on Mission is a Focus on Safety

We want to help create a culture where everyone puts mission first, not just safety first. When you keep children, adults, employees and volunteers safe, you are one step closer to meeting your mission. This short training is intended for both employees and volunteers as part of the New Employee Orientation Program to help them understand the role of safety in mission. The training includes:

  • An overview your responsibility as an employee or volunteer
  • Aquatics Safety
  • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention
  • Transportation Safety
  • Employee Safety
  • Tip-Over Prevention

Training Features


  • This training takes about 15 minutes or less to complete
  • Employees are awarded a certificate of completion upon finishing the training and passing the final test


For Employees and Volunteers

  • Appropriate for employees and volunteers
  • To be used in coordination with your New Employee Orientation Program


Quick Review of Safety Topics

  • Provides a high-level look at safety concerns that your organization faces
  • Covers these topics: Aquatics Safety, Child Sexual Abuse Prevention, Transportation Safety, Employee Safety, Tip-Over Prevention


Focus on Mission

  • Safety guidance is presented with a focus on mission. Keeping everyone safe helps fulfill your organization's mission.